Ross Robotics has developed and manufactures the Robosynthesis modular and reconfigurable robotic platform. Modules are interoperable and multi-functional.

Manipulator arm module

CLAWWS biomimetic traction

Tail for stabilisation and trajectory control

Switch-zoom camera module

The Armourdillo 2X2 is configured from standard system modules and accessory modules to deliver reliable mobility over challenging terrain and adaptable payload capacity. Armourdillo is completely reconfigurable to create a larger robot platform – the Armourdillo 4X4 – for enhanced payload capacity, as required. Built from metalised composites, Armourdillo is lightweight and robust for easy man-portability and deployment in hostile environments exhibiting background radiation and elevated magnetic flux.

L 204mm x W 151 mm x H 132mm

Weight: 350 to 550 g

Speed: max 4 Kph

Communications: Digital radio

IP: 67

Runtime: 1 hour continuous operation

Armourdillo 4X4 configured from two Armourdillo 2X2s