EXTRM SC2.0 Tackles Culham RACE Test Lanes

EXTRM SC2.0 Tackles Culham RACE Test Lanes

The Ross Robotics Scale 2.0 robot platform has been driven over the test lanes at the Culham RACE test facility near Oxford, UK. The test procedure characterizes reliability, speed over obstacles, trajectory control etc. using test lanes that have defined parameters.

ROSS ROBOTICS SC2.0 ROBOT PLATFORM at CULHAM RACE test Facility 01 11 2017 IM3.1

Culham RACE is currently developing standardized testing procedures for robots, initially basing the methodology on the standardized test (NIST) procedures developed in the US. Ross Robotics is supporting this initiative and will be present at a Culham RACE Industry Day on November 8th.

Ross Robotics at the National Physics Laboratory Open Day


Ross Robotics is working in collaboration with the UK’s National Physical Laboratory, based in Teddington, West London, and assisted by an InnovateUK funded Programme, to develop autonomous survey and inspection solutions for the oil & gas industry. 

A Ross Robotics Scale 2.0 robot platform was shown at NPL’s Open Day, showcasing the forthcoming integration of NPL’s Difcam system, already used by Network Rail, with the robot. The Difcam system will be modularized by using the Ross Robotics connector technology.

The autonomous robotic survey system is initially being developed for the inspection and non-destructive testing of oil & gas pressure vessels with further scope for application in the nuclear industry.

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GeoSLAM invited Ross Robotics to show the EXTRM SC2.0 robot platform at Geobusiness 2017

The GeoSLAM ZEB-REVO technology makes real-time survey possible where previously it was necessary to set up scanners and to perform onerous post-processing. Indoor mapping and complete surveys can be performed in a small fraction of the time formerly required, and with a greatly reduced workforce.

By teaming the ZEB-REVO with the Ross Robotics robot platform, it will be possible to perform surveys and mapping in environments that are difficult or dangerous to access.img_20170524_14295222498

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