Ross Robotics has developed and manufactures the Robosynthesis modular and reconfigurable robotic platform. Modules are interoperable and multi-functional.

Universal Connector for rapid swap of payloads

CLAWWS biomimetic traction for enhanced all-terrain mobility

Lithium ion rechargeable battery for 5 hours continuous runtime & 10 hours with two batteries

Slave Tracks traction for enhanced all-terrain mobility

The EXTRM SC2.0 is configured from standard system modules and accessory modules to deliver extreme endurance, payload capacity and all-terrain mobility. Built from metalised composites, EXTRM SC2.0 can operate in extremely hostile conditions including elevated magnetic flux, chemicals, brine and background radiation.

L 650mm x W 440 mm x H 230mm

Weight: 10Kg

Speed: max 14 Kph

Communications: Digital radio

IP: 67

Runtime: 10 hours continuous operation

EXTRM SC2.0 is a multi-mission system capable of rapid transformation to perform a wide range of tasks in a wide range of operating conditions. Payloads – sensors and tools – in modular format provide plug and play operation. Artificial Intelligence plug-ins deliver autonomous operation and on-board data processing, as required.