Ross Robotics has developed and manufactures the Robosynthesis modular and reconfigurable robotic platform. Modules are interoperable and multi-functional.

Universal Connector for rapid swap of payloads

CLAWWS biomimetic traction for enhanced all-terrain mobility

Slave Tracks traction for enhanced all-terrain mobility

The EXTRM SC2.6 is configured from standard system modules and accessory modules to deliver extreme endurance, payload capacity and all-terrain mobility. Built from metalised composites, EXTRM SC2.6 can operate in extremely hostile conditions including elevated magnetic flux, chemicals, brine and background radiation.

The EXTRM SC2.6 is a scaled up version of the EXTRM SC2.0 for enhanced payload capacity and reliable mobility over extremely challenging terrain. EXTRM SC2.6 can deploy sophisticated devices including single and double manipulator arms, disruptors and large sensor arrays including ground penetrating radar.

L 895mm x W 630 mm x H 360mm*

Weight: 20Kg

Speed: 14 Kph

Communications: Digital radio

IP: 67

Runtime: 5 hours continuous operation

* NOTE: the dimensions of the robot platform can be changed as required. Runtime can be increased with the addition of supplementary Power Modules.

EXTRM SC2.6 is a multi-mission system capable of rapid transformation to perform a wide range of tasks in a wide range of operating conditions. Payloads – sensors and tools – in modular format provide plug and play operation. Artificial Intelligence plug-ins deliver autonomous operation and on-board data processing, as required.

diagram-2 EXTRM-SC2.6

diagram-1 EXTRM-SC2.6