Ross Robotics has developed and manufactures the Robosynthesis modular and reconfigurable robotic platform. Modules are interoperable and multi-functional.

Stub tail

CLAWWS biomimetic traction

3-way camera

Integral camera

The iBOID is an amphibious, all-terrain tactical device available in two sizes, the SC2.0 and SC2.6. The smaller SC2.0 can be thrown to gain access to environments otherwise denied. iBOID SC2.0 can be equipped with a range of payloads by means of the Ross Robotics Universal Connector to perform a range of tactical and reconnaissance roles.

L 204mm x W 151 mm x H 132mm

Weight: 350 to 550 g

Speed: max 4 Kph

Communications: Digital radio

IP: 67

Runtime: 1 hour continuous operation

iBOID SC2.0 equipped with a stub tail. The standard tail can also be fitted to provide enhanced stability and trajectory control and to double as a handle for throwing the device.



diagram-2 iBOID

diagram-1 iBOID